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Car Servicing in Orpington | Complete Car Care from JAW Automotive

At JAW Automotive, we understand how difficult it can be to pool your maintenance and repair needs together in one place. That’s why our workshop in Orpington offers a full range of solutions built around the principle of complete car care. Book in for car servicing, repair work or vehicle diagnostics with our skilled mechanics to save valuable time and money.

And, because we cover the Orpington area as a BMW specialist, we can handle your BMW servicing and repair needs at prices which consistently beat local dealerships for value.

This page looks at our main services in a little more detail by answering some of the more common questions we receive.

Do you offer all main types of car servicing?

Yes. JAW Automotive can perform major and full services, and we can also undertake interim car servicing for high-mileage drivers. Our time-served mechanics and technicians work to a set specification, laid out in a multipoint checklist, to make sure they cover all of the important details.

Because we also perform vehicle diagnostics at our Orpington premises, JAW Automotive can reset the service light on your dashboard and provide a stamp for your service book.

Is it a good choice to use you for BMW servicing?

Definitely. Motorists have the right to choose where they have their cars serviced. You may be more familiar with using a dealership for BMW servicing, but there are just as many garages out there trading as independent BMW specialists, all of whom adhere to current manufacturer specifications.

When you book in for BMW servicing at our Orpington premises, you receive the exact same service you’d have paid for with a dealership BMW specialist, but at a more competitive price.

Are your mechanics familiar with vehicle diagnostics?

Yes. JAW Automotive invests into the trade’s most innovative equipment and machinery at regular intervals. As independent BMW specialists, this is something we have to do to keep up to speed with current BMW standards. Engine management equipment plays a strong role in our day-to-day operations.

Our Orpington workshop handles more modern cars now than at any time in the past. Vehicle diagnostics is an essential service that helps us to retrieve stored ECU fault codes.

Are there any benefits to using just one garage?

Yes. Firstly, you’ll get to know our mechanics personally. When you book in for car servicing, repair work or vehicle diagnostics regularly at our premises in Orpington, you build trust with the person doing the work. The more trust you build, the more confidence you have in the service we provide.

And, because we cover the local area as a BMW specialist, you benefit in the pocket too. Our BMW servicing and repair work costs less than equivalent services from a dealership.

Call 01689 837838 or 01689 601300 for car servicing and repairs, and more, at JAW Automotive. We cover Orpington and the surrounding areas.