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Vehicle Diagnostics in Petts Wood and all Areas near Orpington

One of the things that sets us apart from other garages in the Orpington area is a commitment to investment that very few independents ever make. One such area of investment for our company is engine management. To perform vehicle diagnostics, and to analyse your engine subsystem properly, we need the trade’s most innovative equipment at our disposal. This is an area where we’ve made significant investment over the years.

Today, our Orpington workshop is a trusted choice for engine management services in Bromley, Chislehurst, Paddock Wood, Petts Wood, St Paul’s Cray and the surrounding areas.

So, what exactly is vehicle diagnostics and what does it involve our mechanics doing?

Modern cars have an engine control unit (ECU) fitted. The ECU has a port which our mechanics plug into using specialist equipment that reads stored fault codes. Motorists receive alerts to faults in the engine subsystem through sensors which display warning lights fitted to the car dashboard.

These fault codes tell us exactly where the problem lies so we can recommend a suitable method of repair to customers in Orpington and the surrounding areas, including those in Petts Wood. Diagnostics is one of the most important garage services we provide to motorists.

Areas of Engine Management

The use of engine management equipment, and the process of vehicle diagnostics, can reveal issues with the engine, or in the braking, transmission or exhaust systems. Fault codes also alert mechanics to worn or failed components which affect the injection system, coolant performance, airflow, the electrical subsystem and the accelerator.

The equipment at our Orpington workshop tells our mechanics which parameters are outside of their normal range, but it is human experience that identifies the right repair method.

  • Book in for a test if you feel something is off with your car. We can offer you a prompt subsystem check.
  • Even if your car doesn’t display warning lights, book in for vehicle diagnostics annually, just in case.
  • Remember that booking in for a diagnostic test today could eliminate the need for costly repairs later.

Before garages offered vehicle diagnostics as a service, motorists in Orpington and the surrounding areas, including those in Petts Wood, only knew of a fault when their cars broke down. Even then, it could take a mechanic many hours of painstaking troubleshooting to identify where the problem lay.

Our engine management equipment can reveal problems before they cause a breakdown, and it significantly cuts down on the time it takes to provide you with a suitable repair.

Please contact us on 01689 837838 or 01689 601300 to arrange an inspection with the mechanics at our garage in Orpington.

Call 01689 837838 or 01689 601300 to book in for vehicle diagnostics. We cover Orpington and the surrounding areas, including Petts Wood.