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One way to think of car servicing is as a check-up for your vehicle. But the more you use it, the more often it pays to invest in it. This is why manufacturers recommend car servicing at particular intervals, based on mileage. Keeping on top of your service history by visiting JAW Automotive, your local garage in Orpington welcoming residents of all nearby locales, including Petts Wood, will ensure your vehicle works efficiently and economically. It also helps preserve moving engine parts, giving them the best chance at a long-life and reducing the chance of breakdown.
So what makes JAW Automotive special? Our mechanics boast over 60 years of combined industry experience, which has furnished them with a thorough understanding of all car servicing checkpoints. When you visit our local garage, you get dealership standard car servicing at a more affordable price point, which can help Orpington and Petts Wood residents clamp down on the annual cost of keeping a vehicle safely on the road.

Types of Car Servicing

Major Car Servicing – Recommended every two years, this is a comprehensive service undertaken to manufacturer standards. Some motorists around Orpington and Petts Wood, especially those who make constant use of their vehicle, may wish to invest in it at an earlier date.
Full Car Servicing – Recommended every 12 months, or after every 12,000 miles – whichever comes first. This is a detailed maintenance recommended by all manufacturers, and a great way to keep your vehicle road safe and fuel-efficient.
Interim Car Servicing – Interim car servicing is an additional opportunity to have a seasoned mechanic attend to your vehicle. It’s performed every 6 months, or 6,000 miles of driving, and recommended for vehicles which exceed 12,000 miles in a single calendar year.

BMW Servicing

BMW’s are fantastic vehicles that have a loyal fan base for a reason. Sophisticated, elegant and always at the forefront of innovation; and that’s not to mention their famed performance and handling. So it stands to reason you want to find a garage / mechanic that will treat your vehicle right, and know exactly how to attend to it in regards to car servicing. If you’re in Orpington, Petts Wood, or any nearby area then JAW Automotive is exactly that – the trusted local choice for BMW servicing.
It all goes back to being founded by a BMW technician with nearly 20 years of dealership experience. This knowledge has been passed onto other members of our team, and means when we’re performing BMW servicing, it’s to a level that generic garages without the same level of expertise may struggle to deliver.

But whatever make and model your vehicle, know that JAW Automotive provides an exceptional standard of car servicing for motorists in and around Orpington and Petts Wood. Book in on 01689 837838 or 01689 601300.

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