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MOT Testing in Orpington | JAW Automotive

If your vehicle is over three years’ old, you’re legally obliged to have it annually tested at a DVSA approved facility. And if you live in Orpington or nearby Petts Wood, you have one such facility located just a short distance away in JAW Automotive. Known primarily as a BMW specialist, our garage nevertheless undertakes MOT testing for all makes and models of vehicle.
Why choose our mechanics over the local competition, which includes fast-fits and dealerships? Simply put, when you choose a smaller, family-run garage like our own, you’ll get a more personal and accommodating service, at a more competitive price. We find that when new customers visit us for MOT testing, having not used a smaller local garage before, they’re totally converted and never go back to the old way.
If you’re a commuter you may wish to drop you vehicle off with us, and collect it on the way back from work. As our garage is situated right by Orpington station, which is well connected to Petts Wood, this is a very simple and timesaving option. But if you’d rather simply wait while our mechanics complete MOT testing, we have a comfortable waiting area you can sit in, and observe them in action.

What’s Involved in MOT Testing?

MOT testing is a standardised set of visual checks and tests to ensure your vehicle is in roadworthy condition. Steering, brakes, tyres, lights, view of the road, exhaust, emissions and seat belts are just a few items that will undergo scrutiny. Investing in MOT preparation prior to the test can maximise the chances you pass first time. Other ways you can increase your chances include visiting us for any overdue car servicing just prior to the appointment.
But what happens when Orpington and Petts Wood motorists fail the test? It’s nothing you should be worried about. Sometimes, it’s a simple repair that can be carried out immediately. In the case of more worrying causes for failure, we’ll recommend the courses of action you have available. If you choose to have remedial work undertaken at our garage, you’ll qualify for a free re-test – fairness and transparency are at the core of what we do. We look to make MOT testing as simple and affordable as possible, without compromising standards that could endanger our loyal client base.

Save money and time by booking in for MOT testing at Orpington and Petts Wood’s favourite local garage and BMW specialist, JAW Automotive. Simply call 01689 837838 or 01689 601300.

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