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Not all garages take the same approach to investing in their premises. Independent mechanics, in particular, can be prone to sticking with old equipment even when the time has come to move on. Not at JAW Automotive. Here, it’s always been important to us to invest in quality engine management equipment. This allows us to quickly and precisely handle vehicle diagnostics, analysing engine subsystems and retrieving the fault codes they might carry. Without said equipment, we can’t do that – so it’s a no brainer why we continually invest in vehicle diagnostics equipment, benefitting discerning clients in Orpington, Petts Wood and surrounding areas.
But how exactly do our mechanics go about vehicle diagnostics? What’s it all about?
Modern vehicles are fitted with an Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU has a port which our mechanics can interface with to retrieve and decipher fault codes, which the ECU will retain after a problem occurs. Motorists may first become aware of these faults after warning lights illuminate on their dashboards.
These fault codes quickly inform us of exactly where the problem lies. This lets us recommend the suitable method of repair to our customers, saving them time and money when compared with traditional, under the hood diagnostics, which can take a lot longer to complete. Vehicle diagnostics is thus one of the most important garage services we provide to our clients in Orpington, Petts Wood and the wider area.

Areas of Engine Management

Vehicle diagnostics can reveal the cause behind all sorts of issues which may have been plaguing you for some time now. This includes problems with engine, braking, transmission and exhaust systems. Fault codes also tell our mechanics if components are wearing down or have failed completely. Often it’s important these components are quickly replaced, as they can affect the injection system, coolant performance, airflow, electrical subsystem and accelerator – to name just a few things.
The engine management equipment we employ at our Orpington garage informs our mechanics which parameters are outside of their normal range, but this information is useless without the depth of industry experience needed to identify the appropriate repair method.
  • Schedule in vehicle diagnostics if you feel something is not quite right with your car. We can offer a subsystem check that won’t take long.
  • Even if your dashboard is blissfully free of warning lights, consider booking in for vehicle diagnostics annually, just as a precaution.
  • Investing in vehicle diagnostics today could eliminate the need for expensive car repairs later down the line.
Prior to garages offering tech assisted vehicle diagnostics, motorists around Orpington and Petts Wood rarely knew something was the matter before they simply broke down. And even then, mechanics could take hours troubleshooting the problem, slowly going through the process of elimination.
Our advanced engine management equipment can highlight emerging issues well before they cause you to breakdown, cutting down on the time it takes to get you back safely on the road.
So call us on 01689 837838 or 01689 601300 to arrange vehicle diagnostics with the mechanics at our Orpington garage.

Contact 01689 837838 or 01689 601300 to book in for vehicle diagnostics. We cover Orpington and the surrounding areas, including Petts Wood.

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