Great Reasons to Choose an Independent BMW Specialist in Orpington

If you currently use a dealership or an approved workshop for BMW servicing and repairs, you might want to consider choosing JAW Automotive instead. Our small, local garage performs car servicing, car repairs, MOT testing and vehicle diagnostics to current manufacturer standards. Our workshop manager has 20+ years of BMW dealership experience, and our mechanics have decades of combined experience too. We’re proud to cover the local area as an independent BMW specialist.
Here, we look at some of the key reasons for choosing an independent BMW garage for car servicing and car repairs. We also explain how our investment into trade innovation makes our mechanics a trusted choice for vehicle diagnostics and MOT testing too.

Standard of Service
BMW servicing at our independent garage here in Orpington, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Our mechanics adhere to the same specifications used by main dealerships and approved workshops. Our car servicing is as good, and often better, as that provided by other garages.
Being an independent BMW specialist, we nail it on customer service too. We’re not saying dealerships aren’t friendly, but our workshop definitely has that friendly, family-run feel.

Value for Money
If you use a main dealership in the Orpington area for car servicing or vehicle diagnostics, you usually end up paying more to cover the cost of showroom overheads, unpaid warranty work and other expenses an independent BMW specialist won’t have. This means the independent can always compete on price.
If our mechanics can perform BMW servicing, MOT testing and car repairs to the exact same standard as a dealership, but at a lower price, doesn’t it make more sense to give an independent a try?

Supporting Local Businesses
JAW Automotive is Orpington’s local garage, and we believe that local services for local people can only be a good thing. Where else can you go where you really get to know the mechanics who work on your car personally? This is something you just don’t find with major BMW specialists.
And, of course, you support the local economy when you support a local business. We’re local people too, and we spend the money we earn through car servicing and repair work with other local businesses right here in Orpington.

Great Local Reputation
Choosing an independent workshop for BMW servicing and BMW vehicle diagnostics isn’t about blind faith. We’ve traded locally for over 10 years so people know who we are, and they know what we can do for them in terms of service. They have already seen the high standards our mechanics can achieve.
This means we have an excellent word-of-mouth reputation as an independent BMW specialist, and a sizeable history of previous work that reflects our personal commitment to excellence.

Technical Expertise
We have access to the same technical data as main dealerships and approved BMW specialists in Orpington. We keep ahead of developments by staying up to date with change, be it in the way we undertake car servicing and car repairs, or our investment into technical advances for vehicle diagnostics.
JAW Automotive leaves no stone unturned when it comes to competing against the big-name workshops on quality, price, customer service and fast delivery on all of our promises.

Call our Orpington garage on 01689 837838 or 01689 601300 for BMW servicing and car repairs, MOT testing and more.

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